Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Do you smell smoke?

So, I'm taking a shower after running this evening and I start smelling something "funny."  As is typical, I assume nothing is wrong...Until my eyes started watering and I couldn't really see through the haze.  

I nonchalantly (read: slowly and stupidly) pull on some shorts and ask my roommate if he's noticing anything unusual (just as the fire alarm starts to beep).

It turns out that the Air Conditioner had overheated and caught on fire and was pumping electrical fire smoke into our place.

Anyway, all bikes and people are fine.  

The Federal Firefighters on Fort Leavenworth did a great job and were on site in less than 4 minutes.  I'm sure they were disappointed to climb into full fire gear without the chance to charge hoses (just securing the circuit breaker was enough). 


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