Saturday, May 3, 2008

Leavenworth Sprint Triathlon

Sprinting is hard when one spends most of their time in Z2...

Spent the night listening to the howling winds and wondered if we'd be caught in a thunderstorm on race day. Fortunately, the weather was clear, but COLD (42 degrees).

200 meter pool swim zig-zagging under lane lines...A goofy set-up, but I managed to hold form and avoid being passed.

14 mile HILLY and WINDY bike ride around Fort Leavenworth. Rode steady and avoided the MANY gigantic craters...err...potholes on course. My right calf cramped up (likely due to cold) on the longer descent on course each lap which was more of an annoyance than a real problem.

3.2 mile run with a little rise, but basically a good course. Started a bit too slow (good turnover, but not striding out enough). After one guy passed me, I snapped out of it and re-focused/ran hard.

Unfortunately, the TT start made it hard to race others. My lack of focus during the first mile of the run (and my slow transitions) probably cost me 3rd place overall.

5th Overall (165 starters)
1st 35-39 AG
2nd Military (beaten by 1 Army guy...Grrrr!!!)

The event was fun and run well. I really enjoyed the down home atmosphere as well as meeting some new people.


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