Sunday, May 25, 2008


On Saturday, Rachel and I added our newest member of the family.  Savannah is our newest Old English Sheepdog.  She just weaned her final litter and the breeder needed to find her a home.  Therefore, we're her retirement home.  Naively, I expected that she'd immediately settle in and simply have a great time with our other sheepdog.  Of course, I failed to consider that she'd spent the previous five years with 8 siblings in Montana and that a  hour car ride with strangers might cause a bit of stress...Needless to say, the first 48 hours have been a bit stressful for everyone as we learn how we'll work as a family and let our new friend find her way.  Will she have more love and attention long-term?  Definitely.  Is she uncomfortable today?  Absolutely.

Even for those of us who consider ourselves "open minded," change rarely comes without resistance.  I've just completed my third week of "the Method."  At first blush it seems innocent enough.  However, I could feel my body actively resisting the changes the program affects upon me.  It started with a small craving for unhealthy food, was followed by an increased desire for caffeinated soda, and culminated with a huge grease-fest at a burger joint when I got home following a long flight.  Fortunately, I've stayed aggressive with the workouts and I'm not looking back.  All that I can control is what I do today...And today, I rode well and ate healthy.  I want the changes I've requested from my coach...It's just a matter of reminding myself occasionally.

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