Monday, March 9, 2009

My first ride in Italy!

Italians are an outgoing people with a passion for cycling... This was the perfect weekend for me.  Germans are a stand-offish culture.  While every culture has it's value, I really prefer the spirit if Italy.  

Embracing life, cherishing friendships, and taking the time to reflect... In a troubling global environment, we can learn a lot from the Italians.

I had the great joy of riding with the Cycling Team from Cavanega on Sunday.  We rode around 100km.  The weather was beautiful and everyone enjoyed the day (even after I took a little spill when my chain broke).
Here's a quick shot of the lake near Bergamo (I think) where we rode.  I had my first Espresso at a cafe on the side of this lake.
Just one of the MANY groups of cyclists riding on Sunday.  

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