Friday, March 13, 2009

A few highlights of my weekend...

On the left is Paolo Colnago.  He once fit Eddy Merckx to his bike.  On Monday, he spent an hour fitting me to mine... In a great twist of irony, I traveled 9,000 miles to learn that I should ride a stock size 52 sloping... I guess that shouldn't be a surprise since I've ridden my current Colnago more than 40,000 miles (happily).  

On the right is Andrea Cinelli.  He's the son of Cino Cinelli (founder of the company).  He's a man of grace and a true gentleman.  
As I wandered through Milan, I really hoped to see a sheepdog... Imagine my happy surprise when I ran into 2 of them... And they were both cousins of Boo (who is celebrating her 2nd birthday today!).

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Ariel said...

I love the fact that in the first photo, there's Paolo and there's Andrea, and then there's the Pope with a bicycle. Classic!