Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes we can!

Inspiring... And, I believe him.

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Flounder said...

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front)
I voted for McCain and am a Republican with that said…..

The night of the elections was probably one of the most proud moments in my adult life. It is the reason I wake up and put the uniform on every day. Good luck to President-Elect Obama and god bless him.

Things I have learned at CGSC

The Army has a good planning model but after awhile it gets old.

There are some real patriots who have joined the Army.

CGSC does not know if it wants to teach or train.

Generals’ good ideas usually mean ass pain for subordinates.

Big Army talks a good game about Joint operations but I do not think it really believes it.

The Army is going to be in real trouble when they lose a lot of the current majors when they punch at 20.

Big Army likes to hate technology but then they buy a lot of it.

The Air Force has dug themselves a big hole and spent a lot of capital by focusing so much effort on the F-22.

Things I wonder after attending CGSC

Will the Army and AF continue to fight over the JCA and UASs when the budget starts to get real tight?

What will the services look like after we get through the current finical crisis?

How will the services reshape themselves to prepare for the next decade?