Sunday, November 9, 2008


Each of us defines "success" individually.  Familial, professional, spiritual, social, and physical are just a few of the areas one might consider important.  While each has its own specific measures of success, I believe each of them are also inextricably linked.

2008 has been an interesting journey and I think my triathlon season has reflected the impact positive support from family, friends, co-workers, and coaches has on our individual performance.  

So, let me be clear.  I think 2008 was one of my most rewarding seasons.  I overcame early failure at IMAZ and finished with a significant personal best time for the half-ironman distance at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, Florida.

First, I'd never excel without the Rachel's support.  She pushes me to be my best in every endeavor.  

Second, I appreciate the friendship and support that Dave Ciavarella provided throughout the season. He's a true gentleman.

Third, I think Marc Becker at Ironguides is one of the best coaches in the business. His no-nonsense approach has resulted in 2 of my 3 fastest Ironman finishes and 3 of my top-4 half-Ironman finishes.  Basically, he knows how to coach:  Focus on the basics, reinforce proper habits (technique, diet, recovery, and consistency), and slowly/continuously build the athlete until race day results are known BEFORE the gun goes off.  I'd recommend him to any athlete willing to commit themselves fully to their goals.

As for race day... Beautiful course, disappointing swim, outstanding bike (reflecting TONS of additional bike work in training and a willingness to take risks in racing), and a hard-fought run.  I'd say the course gave me 10-minutes and I earned the other 10-minutes of my nearly 20-minute Personal Best.

TOTAL SWIM1.2 mi. (35:01)1:50/100m950141

BIKE SPLIT 120.7 mi. (54:06)22.96 mph
BIKE SPLIT 220.3 mi. (49:13)24.75 mph
BIKE SPLIT 315 mi. (38:23)23.45 mph
TOTAL BIKE56 mi. (2:21:42)23.71 mph

RUN SPLIT 13.5 mi. (25:00)7:08/mile
RUN SPLIT 23 mi. (21:42)7:12/mile
RUN SPLIT 33.6 mi. (26:45)7:27/mile
RUN SPLIT 43 mi. (22:49)7:36/mile
TOTAL RUN13.1 mi. (1:36:16)7:20/mile50577

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