Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pleasant surprise from Fuel Belt...

Have you ever noticed that some organizations are filled with nice/kind people?  It's as if making GREAT PRODUCTS isn't enough...Instead, these companies insist on DELIGHTING customers. Fuel Belt fits into this category...Great products, great employees, and great athletes!

I came home from class today to find the UPS man at my door delivering this wonderful package (the dogs will LOVE the collars/leashes and I will love running Gatorade Endurance through its paces in the lead-up to Lake Stevens 70.3):

P.S.  Disregard the counter-insurgency lessons learned manual in the background:-)

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ironguides said...

Jon, this is a nice little blog you got going. Great read and nice to see the way you are able to pursue so many interests and combine these into a rich, rewarding life that pushes you to improvement on so many fronts. Nicely done and congrats on all the hard work lately!