Saturday, June 21, 2008

Do it right vs. Just do it

I should have clarified in my last post...

The root cause of my injury isn't that I've been swimming with paddles.  It isn't that I've been doing pull-ups.  In reality, the training PLAN is outstanding.  However, a great plan POORLY EXECUTED is not much good at all.  

I'm into responsibility and this one's completely on me (had I paid attention to my coach--the person I pay to provide good advice--I'd have no problems right now).  My shoulders hurt for 2 reasons:

1)  I was too lazy to purchase the correct size paddles that my coach recommended (he told me to buy small...I had medium lying around and chose to use them)
2)  I chose to "compete" when doing group workouts with some Army friends...Rather than focusing on doing pull-ups and laces-to-bar with proper technique, I let me ego into the equation.  I chose to "kip" and "snap" into the exercises placing undue strain on the shoulders for no other reason than a vain effort to impress some buddies (by doing a few more repeats incorrectly)...Pretty impressive eh?

With that said, I took the time today to properly execute a bike/run brick and it went really well.  Rather than letting my ego insist upon a 3.5 hour bike where I don't execute the run properly, I limited myself to 2:45 and NAILED the 30 x 30 seconds (with 30 seconds easy recovery) run workout following the ride.

I've said before that it's EASY to go through the motions.  If I'm really committed to personal improvement, it's critical that I DO IT RIGHT instead of just doing it.

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Lisa said...

Hey Jon!! Just came across your blog -- how ARE you? I see you're not at Intel anymore. Looks like the training is as intense as ever. Hope you're doing well!