Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New year & new goals...

First I want to thank those people who supported me in 2008:

The Athlete's Lounge--Gary and Nick's support of the Ironheads is phenomenal.

Adidas--I've tested gear for free and chosen to purchase plenty of it myself.  I look forward to visiting company HQ when I'm living in Germany next year.

Fuel Belt--Never leave home without it.  Awesome products with even better people.  Meeting Vic at IMAZ in April was an absolute highlight of my year.  Your optimism and "can do" spirit inspires me.

Ironguides Coaching--Marc Becker is simply one of the most honest, dedicated coaches in the business.  While we've amicably parted ways (I simply don't aspire to focus on "time" any longer), I consider him to be the single biggest influence in my development as a triathlete.

Rachel--She's not just a supporter... She pushes me to pursue my best in every aspect of life.  

2009 provides a chance to redefine my goals.  So, I'm refocusing on a few basics:

1.  Become a more complete athlete.  Focusing on triathlon alone has left me "weak" in many areas (core, upper body, lateral movements, etc.).  It's time to build the foundation for the next bunch of life's adventures.  Can you say full-body workouts?

2. Ride OUTSIDE and enjoy the view more often.  Trainers are great TRAINING TOOLS.  However, memories are created when riding outside.  Unless it's unsafe, I'll be spending my weekends riding through Europe and experiencing life.

3. Re-find my climbing ability.  Lots of flat races and trainer time has increased my weight and decreased my climbing ability... Since my 2009 schedule is marked by "memorable" courses (those with lots of climbing), it's time to start collecting vertical feet.

4. Balance.  Both on and off the bike.  I'll be back to riding MTB more frequently.  I'll also be back to taking a few more days off to pursue other interests (learning to speak German for instance).

Happy New Year and good luck to everyone out there…

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Steven said...

Excellent goals, Jonathon.

Happy New Year to you!