Sunday, January 25, 2009


60 minutes... That's my threshold to consider myself "able to train."  When I can run 60 minutes, I feel like I'm finally making progress.
After nearly 6 weeks of illness and travel, I finally completed a 60 minute run today.  The weather was cool and clear.  Although my legs were still a bit heavy, my head was light.  
I managed to find the German trail network... WOW!!!  What a great system.  There are MILES of paved/cobbled trails.  I can't wait to explore it with my MTB when it arrives.  
Finally, Sunday in Germany is a day of rest.  The stores are all closed.  There are serious ordinances/restrictions to prevent noise (no lawn mowing or loud music for example).  It's really peaceful seeing so many people outside walking, running, cycling and re-charging themselves (quietly) for the week ahead.  I think the U.S. could learn something...

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