Friday, September 19, 2008

General('s) fun...

Got up for the bi-annual CGSC run...1300 students "running" at the speed of the slowest the dark...on rough roads...At least we were wearing reflective belts.

The CSM motivated us before the run with a lecture on the unapproved use of iPods on base...Apparently, it's not safe to wear an iPod when running on a sidewalk...Now, instead of running on the sidewalks on base, I'll head off post to the narrow roads of Kansas for my runs...I thought this school was supposed to understand the impact of 2nd and 3rd order effects...

Oh well, 80 days until the madness ends.

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Flounder said...

Well I have to echo my Navy friend’s comments. The fun run, to build team unity, was a joy. I still wonder if the point is to have fun and build a sense of team why we start at 0630? It sure has been a eye opening year.