Sunday, August 31, 2008


Six years ago, this woman was a smoker who was known to enjoy her beer.  Today, she's the ITU Long Course World Champion!

Far too often, we place labels on people... More troubling are the labels we place on ourselves.  "mid-pack," "competitive," "average," "fat," "weak," are just a few.  Why are labels problematic?  Because the prevent us from experiencing the full-spectrum of possibilities and emotions.

Five years ago, it would have been easy to label this woman.  If she'd accepted her designated category, she may have never pushed to learn her full potential.  She may have been closed to broadening herself.  She may have simply sat down and had another cigarette.

With that said, today we'll label her "World Champion."  However, knowing Ann Ciavarella, I'm sure she'll reject this label like some many others people have tried to place upon her.  

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Dave Ciaverella, Odyssey Coaching said...

Hey man,
thanks for the kudos and yeah, I agree..well said. Ann has "it". Its funny...she's sitting down drinking a beer 2 days before the race, pretty relaxed, much to do about nothing. However, about 2 weeks prior, she is googling pretty much every girl listed in her age group, finding out what their capabilities are, discovering where they are in their season by researching their latest race results, no matter where they're from. She has such a knack for being seemingly almost ill-concern going into big races, but at the same time, knows exactly where she stands with regards to her competition, and knows exactly what she has to do to win. I have noticed this going into her past 2 IM AG wins. You cant teach this...its a deep motivation to succeed, and she has it. Thanks again, hope to ride back in portland soon?