Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Final bits and pieces...

17 days until Clearwater...
My legs are fine.  My swimming has reached a plateau (if I've improved at all).  And, I'm just trying to finish the last workouts so I can race. 
I'll need to tighten up my diet a bit as I'm feeling a bit "fat."

It's been a weird year.  Quite a bit of training consistency.  A solid coach.  Decent race results.  Yet, I don't really feel fulfilled.  Candidly, the half-Ironman distance doesn't feel "special" to me.  It just doesn't feel like a big accomplishment relative to the longer stuff.  

Do I enjoy the training?  Yep.  Do I like the people I meet?  For sure.  Do I think I've made improvements?  No doubt.

Current prediction?  4:40 as (:34, :04, 2:30, :02, 1:30)...

I'll need to work on my transitions to ensure I don't waste "free speed."  I'll also need to take advantage of the "legal draft" at Clearwater and ensure I keep pressure to the pedals if I hope to ride that fast.

After that... Time will tell.  I'm thinking 2009 will need to make room for Ursa Major, but I'll worry about that on 10 November once I've accomplished my goals for Clearwater.

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